We have different teachers throughout this Bible study.  Tonight’s teaching is our second one from Harvey Drake. Rev. Drake is the founding pastor of Emerald City Bible Fellowship, a vibrant multi-ethnic church in Seattle, Washington, committed to making the gospel relevant to every facet of a person’s life.  He is also Founder and President of Urban Impact (formerly Emerald City Outreach Ministries), a thriving community-based organization that is proactively addressing the total needs of families in Seattle’s Rainier Valley. Ordained in 1979, Rev. Drake has worked extensively with youth serving as Area Director for both Youth for Christ (Oakland, CA) and Young Life (Seattle, WA).  Since 1987 Rev. Drake has been devoted to addressing urban and inner-city issues through Urban Impact.  Rev. Drake’s activities include participation on a number of national and local boards.  He is also involved in various community affairs, believing that effective development necessitates our presence and involvement.  He is a frequent speaker at conferences, churches and community events.  Rev. Drake’s greatest honor comes from being married to Andrea Drake, Ed.D, since 1977.  Harvey and Andrea have two adult sons and five grandchildren.

Bible Study Summary: Jesus, Justice and the Church

The two week study with The Rock will explore the churches role in helping people and our cities be the reconciled community God envisioned at creation.  In what we call the “High Priestly” prayer Jesus prays that we would be one as he and the Father are one.  We will examine what that looks like in real time, on the ground, now. What practical steps can we take to fulfill the Lord’s vision for us, the family of God?

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